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When it comes to garage doors, our installation team can just about do it all. On top of our standard garage door services, we also offer innovative door openers to help you get the most out of your new purchase. We install Linear door openers.

Whether you’re looking to outfit your home with a garage door opener, or your needs are commercial in nature, we’ve got the right opener for you. To learn more about our specific models, all you have to do is call . After learning more about your home or industrial facility, we can help you decide on the right product.

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    Take a look at the following section to learn more about the accessories which come standard with each Linear opener.
    • Reliable Safeguard - Safety beams will protect the bottom of your door by using sensors which stop and reverse the door if an object breaks their path. This will ultimately prevent damage from occurring.
    • Intelligent Motion Guard - If your door encounters any obstruction, the opener will immediately reverse the path of the door. The opener is self-testing and also self-adjusting, eliminating the need for maintenance.
    • Deluxe Wall Console Station - You’ll be able to operate your door from the inside of your garage using this intuitive pad. This console will also allow you to disable the garage door opener for extended periods of time.
    • Mini Transmitter - You’ll be able to control four separate doors with this conveniently sized transmitter.

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    The two models we carry are LDCO800 Belt or LDO50 chain.

    You may also choose to install each of the following components for a small additional fee.
    • Single Button Control - Used as an additional device when controlling a single door.
    • Wireless Keypad - This lighted and covered keypad allows for easy remote access to your garage via your own personal pass code.
    To learn more about garage door openers or to schedule your free estimate call us today
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