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Repair Services You Can Rely On
If you own a house with a garage door, chances are that garage door is getting used quite often. Over time, the mechanics of your garage will probably start to wear down and even falter. If this happens, don't panic, you may not need a new garage door. Original Triad Door Co is here and ready to try to help you save some money with garage door repair services!  

Garage Repair

Signs Your Garage Door May Need Repair

Sometimes, it may be obvious if your garage door is broken. For example, if your garage door simply does nothing when you try to open or close it, something needs to be fixed. Then there are more subtle signs. These signs could be:
  • A loud bang in the garage door
  • A gap in the torsion spring
  • The garage door falls faster than usual when closing
  • The garage door jerks when it opens or closes
  • The garage door is crooked when it opens or closes
  • Your garage door is making a lot of noise
Should you run into any of these problems, just give us a call and we will discuss your options. Our repair experts can handle a wide variety of jobs with ease. Chances are your garage door is salvageable. However, should there be some scenario where it is beyond repair, you can rely on us for garage door replacement. Whatever your reasoning, we will stand behind you! Should you need a new garage door to replace your extremely old door, no problem! Should you need a replacement because your current door has suffered cosmetic damage, no problem! You have the final say! If you are unsure of your options, please talk to our experts and we will be happy to give you our feedback and help in any way possible. We look forward to serving you!

Serving The Burlington, Lexington, High Point, Thomasville, Kernersville, & Winston-Salem, NC Areas

We are proud to serve the Triad area of North Carolina. Remember to give us a call when you need a solution for any garage door problem or question you may have! We are experts on garage doors and can get your house set up with the perfect garage!
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